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Communication is a weird trade and one to which your academic curriculum most certainly has not prepared you.

Today more than ever, it is of the utmost importance for you to tell your story, and you need to tell it properly.

You need to be right in your audience's heart. To engage. It's not that difficult, it's often just a matter of starting on the right foot. We can help you.

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“Showcase your expertise. Magnify your assets. Connect with your audiences. Develop e-commerce”

You wish…

  • People visited the museum on Saturday mornings instead of going to IKEA’s for the thousandth time in row?
    » See our “Branding” offer
  • To keep your audience informed of what’s happening and invite them to pay a call?
    » See our “Communication Strategy” & “Advertising Campaigns” offers
  • To help your visitors engage at a new level of interactive experience:
    • Tactile objets
    • Workshops and animations
    • Geolocated mobile apps
    • Augmented reality
    • ...
  • To find your voice and be heard in the global conversation of the social media
    » See our “Web & Social Communication” offer
  • To organise memorable events
    » See our “Event Planning” offer
  • To get the media to know and share your news
    » See our “Media Relations” offer
  • To extend the experience beyond the walls of the museum via:
    • Online activities, or on your mobile app
    • Online services
    • Your e-shop  
  • To find new means of income - if needed -
    » For instance “Fundraising campaigns

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“Reach out and engage with your audience, be identified as the authority in your discipline, be easy to find on the web”

You want to...

What about starting right now?

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“Present your work in an enticing manner, get noticed by sponsors, attract the best researchers, reach out”

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Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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“Nurture an image of excellence. Attract promising candidates. Develop or maintain your Alumni network”

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Your are juste one step away from being known as The School

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“Use the science behind your product to increase your sales”

  • You are on the lookout for new means of communication » See our “Online” offer
  • You want to freshen your image, and send a message that is educational, enticing and authentic
    » See our “Communication Strategy” offer
  • You want to be sure your scientific claims are accurate and/or explain the technology behind your products in laymen’s terms
    » See our “Content Creation” offer


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