“It all started 13.7 billion years ago…”

Instead of telling you the whole narrative, let us focus on the recent story of two passionate science communicators who wanted science to become mainstream again in French speaking cultures.


This very special agency is their contribution towards that goal: Not only can they tell stories, they also understand your universe and can help you engage with your audience.

“Big Bang Science is a communication agency that specializes in the specific communication issues of scientists and science-related organizations“


We are based in Paris (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland) and our talented teams help improve the image of museums, government science agencies, labs, research facilities and the Academia as a whole.


“We help you tell your story”

Karim Madjer

The World is not divided between Arts and Sciences, Karim is the very living evidence of this. Trained as a physicist, he is as good at chasing electrons as he is at drawing and writing. 

Half-French / Half-British, fully bilingual, Karim has spent a few years as a professional translator. 
He is the author of the popular blog Sweet Random Science, member of the select Café des Sciences

Karim masters the art of science communication and will help you tell your story and engage with your audience.

Alan Vonlanthen

Half-Swiss / Half-Brit, Alan has been into Popular Science for the past 15 years and has been campaigning since the creation of his Science Podcast "Podcast Science" for Science to regain its importance within the French-speaking mainstream culture. 
Before the Big Bang, Alan was already an expert in the field of Digital Communication in his daytime1, and a Science Communicator at night. He is happy he could merge both his passions into this project, can sleep a little and can help you solve your problem.
From the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2016, Alan was the President of the Café des Sciences, the 1st grouping of digital Science communicators in French.

1After setting up the first Intranet at Edipresse in 1999 (a Swiss Press Group, recently aquired by Tamedia), Alan worked a few years for Edipresse as a Web Project Manager. He co-founded Adaptive Studios in 2003, a Web Agency. 4 years later, he became Head of Consulting Services for Cross Agency (now Wide | Switzerland), and 4 years after that, became a Product Owner and Business Developper for Liip before going back to freelancing, and eventually starting the Big Bang with Karim.

Valentine Delattre

As a Science journalist and a biologist, Valentine has many occasions to celebrate science.

She has been an active member of the Café des Sciences since 2013, and she writes articles for her blog Science de comptoir, which she often illustrates with her own drawings or photographs. When she is not live-tweeting or live-drawing in science events, she produces Youtube videos from script to editing.

She has also co-founded the Collectif Conscience, an association for the diffusion of scientific culture. She also initiated the Cephalus web-magazine .

Vassili Moreau

With his degrees in communication, Vassili has one specialty: versatility. he is like a curious chameleon, always ready to dive into varied subjects. Before joining the Big Bang team, Vassili used to work for quite different organizations: a CNRS robotics laboratory, and the International Table Soccer Federation, for example.

Also an amateur Science journalist, Vassili is a member of Le Labo des Savoirsthe synapse activating show, where he shares scientific culture on the radio, on the web and on the streets!

As a videographer, he is the author of Astraer, a YouTube channel on which he talks about science, scociety and general knowledge.


“Do what you do best, link to the rest” (Jeff Jarvis)

We are your Single Point of Contact  (you may call us SPOC) during the whole lifecycle of your project.
In order to carry it out, we provide a fantastic network of partners and friends, top-notch in Branding, Graphic design, Copywriting, Project Management, Traffic Analysis, App Development, Events.


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